As Ser Mefrusat, for over 60 years, we have been in business at Kadikoy – Altiyol, first in no.8, later no.43, our branch store is at Selamicesme province. Starting with manufacturing a large variety of products such as curtains and upholstery fabrics, vinylex, beds and even childrens’ strollers. We have narrowed our focus on production of curtain and upholstery fabrics and accessories only, providing services of wholesale, retail and manufacturing in our facilities.

We produce and export our veil and curtain fabrics ourselves, paying special attention to their uniqueness. Our fabrics and generally manufactured with natural fibers, silk, linen, cotton and viscose. We import our silk from far east and other fabrics such as veils from Italy, the UK and the US. As Ser Mefrusat, in addition to our imported fabrics, we also commission fabrics and veils domestically according to our own taste.

One of our outstanding qualities is our sewing workshop which has been active for over 25 years under our company. We personally visit and assess our customers’ location / site. Provide them guidance on color, model and styling, develop personal designs, sew them in our atelier. For over 60 years we have been performing curtain and decoration installations in villas, flats, hotels, and government buildings for many domestic and overseas clients, notably in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

The reason behind our persistent success is our honesty, dedication to our principles, our strive for innovation. Our emphasis on customer relations and communication and our pricing policy.

We can help you choose from our wide selection of fabrics in any style you want from curtains to veils. Our domestics and imported fabrics are generally manufactured with polyester, silk, viscose and linen. We manufacture the threads in our own atelier and install them ourselves. According to your needs, we also use accessories such as valances, tassels and tiebacks. In the long term, we also assist with dry cleaning and maintenance if required.